Thanksgiving Food BasketsInitially, 100-200 baskets were distributed, but now that number has increased to 400-500 distributed annually to families in need. This program was formalized by the Chapter September 1975.
Halloween Costume PartyThis project raised funds and collected food donations to support Thanksgiving and Christmas basket projects.
Christmas Goodwill Baskets or Gift CardsThese items are distributed to families or groups in need. This program was formalized by the Chapter September 1975.
A Voteless People is a Hopeless PeopleIn partnership with the NAACP and membership on the Colorado Springs Voter Registration Committee IOL provides transportation to and assistance at voting sites and with voter registration and education. This is part of Alpha’s National Programs or Special Initiatives.
Youth Mentorship ProgramSupport and guidance are provided to area youth in need of a male role model. It also functioned in the past as part of Brother Anthony Young’s Inroads Program.
Tutorial services to junior high and high school studentsProvided assistance with school work and SAT and ACT preparation.
African American Youth Leadership ConferenceThis extremely successful program was established by Iota Omicron Lambda on January 16, 1993. As of 2019, AAYLC served more than 12,000 students and has issued nearly $120,000 in grants and scholarships. AAYLC is now a multi-group event actively supported by various fraternities, sororities, and businesses.
Iota Omicron Lambda and Colorado Technical University Scholarship PartnershipThis program makes a 4-year, tuition only scholarship available to a deserving student each year.
A Conversation on RaceThis was a series of community events with participants from various city government entities, businesses, and educational institutions. Community members were provided with opportunities to question and comment on this critical issue. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to have a voice in making Colorado Springs a more inclusive and a better community for all.” This event was spearheaded by Bro. Dr. Ronald & Debbie Wynn, Dr. Birdie Miller, Dr. George Houston, Dr. Pamela Shipp, Dr. Anthony Young, Mr. Woody Longmire, and Pastor Arthur B. Carter, Jr.
Leadership Development and Citizenship Education InstituteThis was a three-day training program for selected youth to receive and be led in developmental exercises in Public Speaking, Parliamentary Procedure, Self-Actualization, Group Theory, Group Dynamics, and planning as related to political campaigns and elections.
ScholarshipsStarting in September of 1975, IOL provided three scholarships based on academic excellence and need in the amounts of $350 each and an Alpha Scholar of the Pikes Peak Region Award of $450 was awarded to the top male high school graduating senior. The scholarship amount has risen over the years to where it is today and has been for a number of years, with seven annual $1,000 scholarships being awarded to deserving college-bound male and female students.
Scholarship FundraisersIota Omicron Lambda has had many different endeavors to raise funds: Black and Gold Ball; Casino Night; Golf Tournament; Yuletide Ball; Harvest Ball; Step Show; Talent Show; Bill Pickett Rodeo; Disco Dance Party; Art, Wine, and Cheese Fundraiser; individual donations; and selling concessions during USAFA football games. The USAFA concessions stand was operated by IOL from 1984 to 2016 thanks to Brother Loran Smith.
Project AlphaProject Alpha is a collaborative effort between the March of Dimes Foundation and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. that focuses on the male role and responsibility in preventing teenage pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The program seeks to assist young men in developing responsible attitudes and behaviors towards women and themselves. This is part of Alpha’s National Programs or Special Initiatives.
“A” Game“A” Game is a video starring Mario Van Peebles that talks about black males who drop out of High School they want to be a Basketball player or a Rapper, and what the consequences are. Bro. Loran Smith and other Brothers provide additional information, commentary, and interaction throughout the program.
Panorama Middle School 1st Day WelcomeBrothers help welcome students back to school and take every opportunity to interact with students, parents, and teachers; encouraging each student to go further and aim higher.
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)IOL Brothers serve as chaperones for the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church HBCU College Tour.
Alpha Phi Alpha, Iota Omicron Lambda Education FoundationThe Foundation generates and distributes funds for higher education-related fellowships, scholarships, and grants through fundraising endeavors.
Million Dollar Fund DriveIn 1982, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., committed its chapters worldwide to raising $1,000,000 over a two-year period for the “Million Dollar Fund Drive,” which targeted donating $333,000 to each of the following organizations: The Special Contribution Fund of the NAACP; The National Urban League; and The United Negro College Fund. With Brother Norvell Simpson leading the way as Chapter Chairman, Iota Omicron Lambda was among the 56 chapters that distinguished themselves by contributing 100% of what Brothers pledged.

Iota Omicron Lambda is proud to continually move forward with the values and traditions established by The Jewels. Learning from our past can have a positive impact on the present and optimism for a more productive and successful future