I would like to sincerely thank the Brothers of Iota Omicron Lambda Chapter for allowing me the privilege to serve as their 2022-2023 Fraternal Year President. I am honored and proud to represent this great organization that not only promotes knowledge and service but also fosters true Brotherhood.

With ongoing social unrest, systemic racism, and disparities in income, education, housing, and medical care, Alpha Phi Alpha’s involvement and leadership in the community are needed more than ever!

During my tenure, the chapter will continue to collaborate with all organizations; public, private, fraternal, social, etc., who share our desire to achieve and make positive change.

As Alpha men, we chose this path of commitment, through our acceptance into this great and noble Fraternity.

With each day that passes, the need for leaders who can and will help individuals, families, businesses, and communities thrive, becomes ever more apparent.

We will continue providing the next generation with scholarships, facilitating workshops at the annual African American Youth Leadership Conference, sustaining Project Alpha, and supporting programs such as “Brother’s Keeper”, “March of Dimes”, “Voteless People is a Hopeless People”, “Boy Scouts”, and “Go to High School, Go to College”.

This chapter will continue to assume greater responsibilities of leadership to advance the communities we serve by preparing our young and underserved students to become the next generation of successful community leaders, change agents, community activists, and professional contributors.

Equally important is that we must continue to seek out and challenge ourselves to introduce new programs, expand or improve on initiatives already in existence, and engage with new partnerships in enhancing the education and services we consistently strive to provide.

I look forward to growing and serving with you as we continue to be of service to our community.

I am available 24/7 to share your thoughts and concerns and can be contacted via email at adams1906alpha@gmail.com or telephone (719) 651-6102. It is only through open and continued dialog that we can construct our future.

As Alpha men, we will be aligned with our ethos, “FIRST OF ALL, SERVANTS OF ALL, WE SHALL TRANSCEND ALL”.

Fraternally submitted,

Brother Wardell Adams,
Iota Omicron Lambda (‘94)